Student Government Association, 2017-2018

Sonne Bajwa


Class: Senior

Academic Major: International Trade and Marketing

Academic Minor: Economics, Asian Studies, English

Hometown: Singapore, Singapore

Involvement on Campus: National Retail Federation Student Association, Asian Student Network, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Merchandising Society – Style Shop (past), Leadership Ambassador (past)

Biography: Sonne is a 5th semester student at FIT, graduating with his bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Marketing in May 2018. Sonne is originally from Singapore, a small country in Southeast Asia affectionately known as the “little red dot”. He moved to the United States 2 years ago to attend FIT. He is proud to be the first international student to be serve as President of the FIT Student Government Association. Having been blessed with numerous opportunities at FIT, Sonne wants to help motivate more students to embrace all that FIT has to offer. Sonne strongly believes in being the change you want to see and he lives his life by that principle. Sonne’s main goal is to foster stronger communication between the SGA and the student body and to create a collaborative and empowering environment for all students at FIT.

Sonne is a self-proclaimed fly guy that enjoys having a good laugh. More importantly, Sonne is always down for a good meal. You can often spot him roaming around the East Village with his crew, geeking out over a new cuisine or convincing people to go eat hot pot. If you have any places to recommend with delicious and/or exotic food, especially spicy food, please let Sonne know!

Joanna Mingo

Vice President

Class: Junior

Academic Major: Fashion Business Management

Academic Minor: International Trade & Marketing, English

Hometown: East Islip, NY

Involvement on Campus: Blush Magazine Music Writer, PTK

Joanna is an outgoing, enthusiastic girl born who loves literature, traveling, and music of all genres. She loves to laugh and always tries her hardest to put a smile on everyone’s face, especially when being MC at an event. The only thing she enjoys more than ice cream and $1 pizza is taking naps with her cat, Cake. Joanna is excited to represent the student body as Vice President and be everyone’s go-to-girl for a hug!

Hannah Lo

Executive Secretary

Class: Junior

Academic Major:  Visual Presentation & Exhibition Design

Academic Minor: N/A

Hometown: Closter, NJ

Involvement on Campus: N/A

Hannah used to be someone who would not usually volunteer her time to be involved in school organizations. However she found that being involved in FIT has only changed her for the better. Between events, programs, and meetings, she obtained the opportunity to learn more about herself while meeting new people because of SGA. Not only that, she feels she became part of a team. And that’s something she values the most.

Natalie Ho

Director of Communications

Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications
Minor: Economics and Psychology
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Involvement on Campus: N/A
Bio: Natalie is an outgoing, free-spirited, and friendly person. When she’s not creating new music playlists or on social media, you can find her at the pool or at a local art gallery. Natalie hopes that with her new position, she can actually be the voice of 10,000 as Director of Communications.


Saravine Naitingale

Director of Finance
Class: Senior
Major: Fashion Business Management
Minor: International Trade Marketing
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Involvement on Campus: BiTech, FIT Security Advisory Committee
Bio: Saravine is 7th semester student at FIT from a country on the other side of the globe, a hot bed for clothing manufacture, Indonesia. Due to her father’s career, she moves a lot through out her life, which has made her open minded and always curious to learn and meet new people. Bosnia Herzegovina, Timor Timor, Birmingham UK, Melbourne Australia, are some of the places she would call home, believe us, she’s a great story teller. A believer in open and transparent communication, Saravine always creates an environment that facilitated a dynamic and conducive team year-over-year, with motivated team players who stand along beside her, she and Finance Committee are ready to serve the student body.

Molly Dunbar

Director of Student Advocacy
Class: Junior
Major: Fashion Business Management
Minor: Economics, International Politics, International Trade and Marketing
Hometown: Lancaster, NY

Involvement on Campus: Student Government Association, Resident Assistant, Phi Theta KappaMolly is a fifth semester FBM student currently minoring in economics, international politics and international trade and marketing. She is from outside of Buffalo, NY- Lancaster to be specific, but has made New York City her home away from home. She loves the hustle and bustle of the city, but misses driving. She is passionate, and finds the joy in everyday life. She has big plans and hopes to make her dreams come true.

Marty Sullivan II

Director of Student Organizations

Class: Junior

Academic Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications

Academic Minor: N/A

Hometown: Killeen, Texas

Involvement on Campus: Residential Assistant, Aramark, and volunteer in various campus departments

Marty is thrilled to hold this position for the second year in a row. He is determined to use the past and work on the future to ensure a great year for clubs and organizations. If you need anything related to clubs and organizations he’s your guy!

Ishani Shah

Director of Sustainability
Class: Sophomore
Major: Fashion Business Management
Minor: N/A
Hometown:  Gujarat, India
Involvement on Campus: RHA advertising and marketing coordinator 2016-17, NRFSA, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, International Student Services volunteer 2016-17
Bio: Ishani is the Director of Sustainability at FIT. She is from India and is a second year Fashion Business Management student. She is concerned about the negative impact of fast fashion on the world as a whole, and looks forward to spreading more awareness about transparency in supply chain, fair treatment to workers and importance of eco fashion with the goal of creating a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility. The goal is to create a responsible community for the future, because the future is now.

Paul Wederski

Director of Programming

Class: Sophomore

Academic Major: Fashion Business Management

Academic Minor: English and French

Hometown: Riverton, Wyoming

Involvement on Campus: Kaufman RA, RHA Executive Treasurer, DECA, FIT Dance Company

In his free time, Paul likes to make snow angels while laying on his carpet followed by eating two cups of tapioca pudding. His one true love is Sarah Jessica Parker, and he is determined to put a ring on it as soon as she comes to her senses that Matthew Broderick is not the right man for her. Paul was born and raised in the state of Wyoming, where there are only two escalators in the entire state; so you could imagine his face upon his arrival at FIT where there are a plethora of escalators (even though they rarely work). Another fun fact about Paul is his favorite hobby is sneezing, he can’t really explain why he loves it so much, he just does. Beware, if you hear his voice and you think he is near you, he is probably nowhere near you – he is just really loud and his voice travels far.

Kathleen O’Brien

Coordinator of Graphic Design
Class: Junior
Major: Communication Design
Hometown: Stony Brook, NY
Involvement on Campus: FIT Cross Country team
Kathleen is excited for her first year as a member of the FIT Student Government Association as the Coordinator of Graphic Design. She is passionate about working hard and experiencing everything that FIT and New York City can offer

Tarishi  Gupta

Coordinator of Digital and Social Media
Class: Junior
Major: Photography and Related Media
Minor: Film and Television Studies
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Involvement on Campus: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, SVCS
Tarishi Gupta is a hardworking, friendly and optimistic student! Hailing from New Delhi, India, Tarishi is an international student who considers herself a global citizen owing to her years of visits across multiple cities. Her interest in creative arts right from her childhood is evident in her photographs, and her academic achievements; being a part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society of the school, she has constantly been on the Dean’s list since the beginning. Apart from capturing moments, Tarishi’s true strength lies in her being able to weave a story around it for which she has chosen social media as a canvas. She intends to take this story telling further to film and television media, as a bigger platform. Tarishi considers her camera her best friend, and the studio her happy place! She wants to make her Sophomore year fun by being a part of the Student Government Association and making a difference!

Ryan Donohue


Class: Junior

Academic Major: Fashion Business Management

Academic Minor: N/A

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Involvement on Campus: N/A

Ryan is currently a Junior and spending his first year as Treasurer within the Student Government Association. Hailing from the South Shore of Long Island, he is focused and driven but never shies away from a good time with friends and family. When not in the classroom, you can find him either running, hiking, or at the farmers market. He hopes to meet at least 1 new member of the student body a day for the next year.

Sara Ayobi


Class: Sophomore

Academic Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications

Academic Minor: N/A

Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Involvement on Campus: N/A

Sara is your Californian treasurer for the 2017-2018 year. She is your go-to when it comes to quoting Michael Scott on “The Office” and will most likely ask you if you have watched “How I Met Your Mother” every single time before starting any conversation. Sara is also a fellow #CrazyCatLady so expect to get to know her cats well throughout the year! Don’t ask what “Abu” is short for.

Molly Salley

Coordinator of On Campus Day Events

Class: Sophomore

Academic Major: Fashion Business Management

Academic Minor: N/A

Hometown: Northern Cambria, PA

Involvement on Campus: FIT Outreach

Molly is a Fashion Business Management major in her sophomore year. She is the “Coordinator of On-Campus Day Events” for the 2017-2018 school year. She’s from Northern Cambria, PA, and loves living here in the city. Molly plans to bring new and exciting events to campus for everyone to enjoy.

Sallie Haas

Coordinator of Campus Evening Events
Class: Sophomore
Major: Fashion Business Management
Hometown: New jersey
Involvement on Campus: Sallie is a sophomore Fashion Business Management Major from New Jersey. She loves living on the beach but loves having New York City as her second home even more. She’s looking forward to planning new and exciting evening events for the student body. In her free time, she enjoys photography, attending concerts, and petting dogs. She can’t wait to be a part of the 2017-2018 Student Government Association and serve as one of the voices of 10,000.

Robert Allen

Coordinator of Commuter Affairs

Class: Junior

Academic Major: Fashion Business Management ; Entrepreneurship

Academic Minor: N/A

Hometown: Canarsie, Brooklyn NY

Involvement on Campus: N/A

Robert is the son of two Jamaican-born parents, who emigrated to the U.S. for a chance at life filled with better opportunities. In light of this fact, he aims to fully embrace his gifts and use them to better serve his community – inspiring those around him to be more than they ever thought they could be.

Claire Anvelt

Coordinator of 7th floor events

Class: Sophomore

Academic Major: Fashion Business Management

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Involvement on Campus: FIT soccer team

Claire is in her second year at FIT and is from Rochester, NY. She is currently in the Fashion Business Management program and plans to minor in Film and Media. Claire played on the FIT soccer team, and loves to read, play the piano and go on adventures in the city in her free time.

Crystal Vessalico

Coordinator of Residential Affairs

Class: Sophomore

Academic Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications Major

Hometown: Islip Terrace, New York

Involvement on Campus: Photographed for Runway 27

Crystal was born from the beautiful San Diego, California, raised for most of her life on Long Island, and is now super eager to take on Manhattan, New York. She is a kind-hearted, caring young woman who loves to make people happy. She has a passion with photography, music, and the arts of theater. Her favorite foods are mac and cheese, pasta, and mint chocolate chip ice cream! She believes that she will be a strong, dependable, and loyal leader for FIT residents, and that they will be able to rely on her to help them achieve an ideal resident life experience.

Karina Image

Allie Carter

Coordinator of Off-Campus Event

Class: Senior

Academic Major: International Fashion Business Management

Academic Minor: Italian Studies

Hometown: Mahwah, NJ

Involvement on Campus: Previously Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, WFIT, and Florence Abroad Student Activities Club (FASA)

Biography: Allie is a senior studying International Fashion Business Management with a minor in Italian Studies and specializing in Buying & Planning and Retail Management. She is originally from Mahwah, New Jersey but considers the city her second home. She is returning from a year abroad in Florence, Italy and is very excited to return to the campus in New York to run ticket sales and events throughout NYC for her fellow students! In her free time, she enjoys anything and everything to do with travel, Beyoncé, NY Sports, Broadway, photography, and of course, shopping. She can’t wait to begin her final year at FIT as one of the members of FITSGA serving the voice of 10,000!

Emma Baj

Programming Secretary/Treasurer
Class: Junior
Major: Communication Design
Minor: History of Art
Hometown: Churchville, PA
Involvement on Campus:
 Emma is a Communication Design major from Churchville, Pennsylvania. She has always wanted to attend FIT for as long as she could remember. She loves the fast-paced environment of NYC and enjoys exploring everything it has to offer. Through being in the student association, she hopes to make the FIT community grow closer and help students get as much enjoyment out of each semester as they can.

Elisha Blake

Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion

Class: Senior

Academic Major: International Trade and Marketing

Academic Minor: French and English

Hometown: Ann Arundel County, MD

Involvement on Campus: SELF Club (CAP program)

International Trade and Marketing Student, minoring in French and Economics. In addition to being apart of the SGA, I am also involved in the SELF Club and charities, both on and off of campus. I have found myself developing talents in social media marketing, starting as a Social Media Assistant for Style Fashion Week, now currently interning with Art and Eden helping with all of their public relations. I am very much looking toward to interning this summer at Nordstrom’s as a department manager and the upcoming semester here at FIT.

Yon Hee Allen

Coordinator of Seventh Floor Events

Class: Sophomore

Academic Major: Illustration

Academic Minor: English

Hometown: Born: Kunsan, South Korea/ Grew up: Songtan/Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Involvement on Campus: Coordinator of Seventh Floor Events, RA in Nagler, PTK Member

Yon Hee is passionate about art and wants to become a children’s book illustrator. She was born and raised in Korea, is half-Korean, and speaks the language too. She has a very curious personality and likes to experience new things, especially food! Her guilty pleasure, a Dulce de Leche doughnut from Dough on 19th st.
Sarah Image

Sarah Vizzini

Coordinator of Alumni Engagement

Class: Sophomore

Academic Major: Fashion Business Management

Academic Minor: Italian

Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Involvement on Campus: NRFSA, Merchandising Society, Student Alumni Association, Financial Aid Ambassador

 Sarah is a Jersey Girl living her first year in the city. She loves living in Manhattan and going to FIT, but very much misses pork roll and Jersey bagels (which are so much better than NYC bagels). When she’s not in class you can find her shopping, knitting, or finding a cute Instagram worthy restaurant to eat at. She is so excited to be your Coordinator of Alumni Engagement and looks forward to meeting her fellow Tigers this year, so make sure to say hi if you see her!