Scott P. Girvan

President, 2016-2017

Class: Junior
Major: Production Management
Minor: Economics, French
Hometown: Cape Cod, MA
Involvement on Campus: Production Management Club

Scott is in his fourth semester currently earning his bachelor’s degree in Production Management. Originally from Cape Cod, Mass., he has been living in New York since he moved for college two years ago. There is nothing more that he loves doing than serving on the Board of Directors. FIT has become a second home to him, and the Student Government Association has been his family. From his experience working with students, he has developed a strong awareness of what they want, need, and enjoy in regard to both advocacy and programming. As President, he aims to continue voicing the sentiments of the student body by bridging the gap between students and administration. Additionally, he hopes to expand our campus culture by promoting diversity, sustainability, and student involvement.

Scott is a very sociable person, and almost always gets along with everyone. He loves to meet new people, be exposed to new cultures, and learn new information about anything. He is a purist and an old soul at heart, which can be seen in his choice of dress and music. He loves menswear from the early- to mid-twentieth century, and listens to all genres of music from all eras. Scott strongly believes that the combination of passion and ambition will result in success. He aims to complete everything he begins, and always tries to work smarter, rather than harder. If you’re gonna do it, do it right.