Sonne Bajwa, President

My name is Sonne Bajwa and I’m running to be President of the SGA for FIT students to regain a sense of ownership and pride for our school by introducing reforms within the SGA to better serve and represent our student body.


Saravine Naitingale, Director of Finance

I am Saravine Naitingale, and I am running for Director of Finance because I believe in maximizing the FIT Student Government Association’s mission and objectives through our budget allocation would bring a successful long term outlook.

Tarishi Gupta, Coordinator of Digital and Social Media

I’m Tarishi and I’m running for the Coordinator of Digital and Social Media because I want everyone to be involved on campus and feel at home at FIT by being connected.

Elisha Blake, Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion

I would like to be the ambassador this campus needs to include all students in major events instilling the FIT pride from those who come from across the globe or those who are domestic dwellers not yet peaked in what we have to offer at our wonderful university.

Sallie Haas, Coordinator of Campus Evening Events

My name is Sallie Hass, and I’m running for Coordinator of Campus Evening Events because I believe that I can promote more student involvement especially with input for events which will lead to greater attendance and successful programming

Yon Hee Allen, Coordinator of Seventh Floor Events

I am running for Coordinator of Seventh Floor Events to share my passion of the arts and to create a community of like minded individuals.

Joanna Mingo, Vice President

Hey, my name is Joanna and I’m running for Vice President because I want to bring greater, impactful change to the community as well as stronger unity to the campus clubs; I want to serve as a familiar face on campus and be a part of making this incredible school even greater.

Molly Dunbar, Director of Student Advocacy

Hello, my name is Molly Dunbar, and I am running for Director of Student Advocacy because I believe students deserve a greater voice in what happens in the institution.

Kathleen O’Brien, Coordinator of Graphic Design

Hi my name is Kathleen O’Brien and I am running for the Coordinator of Graphic Design to create beautiful designs that will promote the amazing events and activities we have here at FIT.

Susanna Mazzoleni, Coordinator of Alumni Engagement

Hello, my name is Susanna, and I am running for Coordinator of Alumni Engagement to make FIT welcoming for all students.

Emma Baj, Programming Secretary/Treasurer

Hi my name is Emma Baj and I am running for Programming Secretary/Treasurer to bring organization to the programming committee.


Hannah Lo, Executive Secretary

I’m Hannah Lo and I’m running for executive secretary because I want to contribute my organization and management skills to the school.

Marty Sullivan II, Director of Student Organizations

Hello I’m Marty and I’m running to be the Director of Student Organizations to ensure that clubs and organizations have the best opportunity to grow and and operate smoothly.

Ryan Donohue, Treasurer

My name is Ryan Donohue, and I am running for treasurer because I believe that great ideas come from the individual.

Robert Allen, Coordinator of Commuter Affairs

I value community and inclusivity and so I aim to create and promote events that enable commuters to feel welcomed and involved in FIT’s growing list of campus activities.


Allie Carter, Coordinator of Off Campus Events

My name is Allie Carter, and I am running for Coordinator of Off Campus Events because I believe offering exciting opportunities and events for FIT students will only enhance our college years that much more!

Natalie Ho, Director of Communications

My name is Natalie Ho and I am running for your Director of Communications because I believe that communication is key and as a student government, I feel it is important that the students are always in the know as to what is happening here on campus.


Paul Wederski, Director of Programming

Hello, my name is Paul Bentley Wederski, and I am running for Director of Programming, I believe that FIT programs are what makes college fun and memorable for students as well as foster inclusivity and community, and I believe that with my hard work and love for FIT, I will be able to excel at this job for students.

Sara Ayobi, Treasurer

Hi my name is Sara, and I am running for Treasurer because I believe in treating the funds provided for our student body as investments.

Molly Salley, Coordinator of On Campus Day Events

My name is Molly Salley and I am running for ‘Coordinator of On-Campus Day Events’ because I want to bring new opportunities and experiences to the FIT community.

Claire Anvelt, Coordinator of 7th Floor Events

I strive to create a positive and exciting environment in the FIT community while engaging with the student body.