Ishani Shah – Director of Sustainability

I am running for the Director of Sustainability at FIT because I understand that being a part of the second most polluting industry in the world puts a great responsibility on our shoulders to do something about it, and this would be my chance to start somewhere. I would like to spread awareness, create environmentally sustainable strategies and programs that are useful to all FIT students to be a positive force on this planet.

Stephanie Ramirez – Director of Sustainability

My name is Stephanie Ramirez and I am passionate about sustainability in the fashion industry. It is my goal to bring awareness to my peers and the general public about sustainability and inspire them to take initiative to reduce their environmental impact. I am excited about contributing my ideas and energy to FIT and look forward to work towards a better FIT with the help of like-minded students.

Elizabeth Indriolo – Director of Student Organizations

I am a junior studying Advertising and Marketing Communication. Throughout my years at FIT, I have been involved with WFIT Radio and Broadcasting, love going to FIT fitness classes and would like to pursue my career in the entertainment industry. With this position, I would like to increase involvement amongst students, help clubs and organizations collaborate more, and improve FIT students experience.

Thomas McLaughlin – Director of Programming

As Director of Programming, my main goal would be to focus on what the students want. The students’ opinions truly matter to me and the events we host should reflect upon those opinions. Overall, I just want for everyone to enjoy their time at FIT and to experience as much as the the school has to offer.

Yon Hee – 7th Floor Coordinator

Hi! My name is Yon Hee Allen. I want to take everything I have learned this past year and make better programs. I also want to implement new programs that happen regularly. My goal for next year is to keep the Hall of Art full of art!

Ridhima Manghani – Coordinator of Commuter Affairs

Born in New Delhi, India, I moved to New York City last fall. I am zealous to have a designer line with a mix of contemporary couture and traditional elements. I rejoice being challenged and having a packed schedule. I would like to utilize this position to provide more platforms for commuter students to get involved at FIT.

Esther Fyine – Coordinator of Diversity & Inclusion

My name is Esther Fyine and I am a commuter from the Bronx. I am a first year, second semester student. My major is FBM. What I would like to accomplish as the Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion is making everyone feel a sense of belonging here at FIT.

Kimberly Miller – Coordinator of Campus Evening Events

My name is Kimberly Miller and my major is Fashion Design. My goal if appointed to the Coordinator of Campus Evening Events position would be to create a more welcoming and enjoyable environment for students. A lot of my friends say they feel FIT doesn’t feel like a real college because we are in the middle of NYC and people entertainment themselves off campus and not on. I want to make students feel like they can go to on campus events, make friends and make this college more like a home away from home

Niyomi Shah – Coordinator of Graphic Design

I am Niyomi Shah an I am from India. I am a Fashion Design major and I am currently in my second semester. I am running for the position of Coordinator of Graphic Design. Three words that describe me are open-minded, approachable and helpful. I enjoy creating artwork on Photoshop and Illustrator. I want to be a part of the Student Government to enhance my college experience and gain knowledge from various people that I’ll get to interact with. Moreover, it serves as a platform to cultivate my leadership skills.

Darnisha Thomas – Coordinator of Graphic Design

My name is Darnisha Thomas and I am a fashion design major who is eager to get involved on campus! As the Coordinator of Graphic Design, I would be killing two birds with one stone (not literally though); I will be getting more involved on campus and bringing together students of FIT to get to learn more about one another! With the creative promotions I plan to design,  my hope is to get even more students to participate in the events devised by the Student Government Association. My biggest goal is for students to just get together, get involved and have fun here at FIT!

Crystal Okonkwo – Coordinator of Diversity & Inclusion

I am Crystal Okonkwo, a black woman who knows what it’s like to be the only one. I am a leader, lover and an advocate determined to celebrate everyone under the sun. Culture is beautiful and should be embraced. No matter if it’s Women’s History Month or FIT Culture Day, we all deserve a place.

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