The High Five Campaign

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Lets bring larger scaled events to FIT ‘s campus!

Hello FIT Students,

As we all know, every full-time student enrolled in FIT pays a $60 student activities fee. Additionally, part-time students pay a $5 per credit fee. This fee supports campus involvement and engagement, and is used to fund campus events, organizations, publications and more. However, the core of this funding goes to events, which can vary in price depending on a number of things. An example is last semester’s comedy show with MTV’s hit series, Girl Code; the event seated 700 students and cost thousands of dollars.

Other successful uses of the student activities fee are as follows:

Breakfast for Dinner, $25 Broadway tickets, Free Movie Night, Commuter Week, Block Party and many more. In the past five years student involvement has risen by 35%, and the cost of goods and services in New York City has gone up exponentially, too. However, we have never increased the fee.

This has led to ending our term with an over $200,000 deficit. As a result, we have cut back much of our spending and allocation to student organizations. However, the problem remains. For this reason we are proposing a raise in FIT’s student activities fee through an initiative called the High Five Campaign. The project will be spearheaded by our Executive Treasurers, Jessica Accardi and Dyon Tran. Through the High Five Campaign we hope to establish a record of transparency by educating the FIT community on the use of the student activities fee.

We are proposing to increase the fee a mere $5 a semester for full time students, and $1 per creditfor part time students. This increase will allow us to bring more comedy shows, concerts and better parties for students to enjoy.

In closing, out of 64 schools in the SUNY system, FIT has one of the lowest student activities fees. SUNY for instance, allows a charge of up to $250 while campuses like Stony Brook collect the maximum amount in order to bring artists like Icona Pop, Childish Gambino and Diplo to their school. We hope to not only heighten the scale of campus events, but also continue to foster a growth in student engagement.

Look out for the high five logo on High Five Campaign sponsored events around campus. We’ll be giving away big prizes and better ideas for your enjoyment!


Jessica Accardi & Dyon Tran
Executive Treasurers