Important Dates


Club Training Day – Saturday, September 9th , 2017

Returning Club Initial Budgets due: Wednesday, September 13th
New Club Initial Budget due: Wednesday, November 8th
Last day to submit a fall semester Budget Request: Wed., November 8th

Finance Committee reviews last Budget Requests: Monday, November 13th

Last Day of programming: Friday, December 8th
Initial Budget for 2018-2019 memo will be sent out: Fri., December 15th

Last day to submit requisitions: Wednesday, December 13th

Initial Budget for 2018-2019 due: Friday, February 2nd

Director and Treasurers Office hours :
Saravine Naitingale : Wednesday 11AM-12PM and Thursday 11AM-12PM

Sara Ayobi:  Monday 11AM-1PM

Ryan Donohue:  Tuesday 2PM-4PM

Emma Baj: Wednesday 12PM-1PM and Thursday 5PM-6PM

*Hand in Budget Requests by Wednesday 3:00pm to be reviewed the following Monday. Please submit request for events/trips at least 6 weeks prior to date.*