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FIT Student Government Association

FIT Student Government Association

FIT Student Government Association

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SUNYSA President and Trustee, Marc J. Cohen Response to President Trump’s Decision to End DACA

SUNY Student Assembly Stands Committed to Supporting DREAMers

September 5, 2017 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact: Austin Ostro,

“The SUNY Student Assembly is deeply disturbed by the news that President Trump has decided to end the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. DACA has given over 800,000 undocumented Americans the opportunity to come out of the shadows and be embraced by the only country they have ever known.

“This harmful, discriminatory decision will not impede the Student Assembly’s advocacy efforts on behalf of undocumented students. To the contrary, we stand more committed than ever to fighting for these vital members of the SUNY community on the local, state, and federal levels.

“To the undocumented students across the SUNY system who will go to sleep tonight afraid, we have one message: We will fight as hard as we can to ensure that you are afforded the rights entitled to you as Americans. We will double down on our efforts to convert the bipartisan support which has been expressed for dreamers, into a permanent legislative solution for DACA recipients.

“We urge all federal lawmakers to put partisanship aside and act to protect those whose status is now in jeopardy. Let’s not allow innocent young people to suffer at the hands of polarized, partisan politics.”

About the SUNY Student Assembly

The Student Assembly of the State University of New York (SUNY SA) is the recognized student government organization representing the nearly 600,000 students of the State University of New York. Comprised of student leaders elected by their peers from across SUNY’s 64 campuses, SUNY SA is committed to empowering students throughout the state, and ensuring the representation of its members on the state and national level, as well as throughout the SUNY system.



Message from SGA President Sonne Bajwa on Hurricane Harvey

To all my fellow students,



At FIT, many of us, myself included, tend to get a little obsessed with our classes, internships/jobs or perhaps even the finale of Game of Thrones. On a more serious note, a friend of mine once remarked that fashion, as glamorous and amazing as it can be, tends to lack in the area of philanthropy. For those of us that are already out there making moves to better society, thank you and I hope you will keep fighting the good fight.


With that in mind, on the behalf of the FIT Student Government Association (SGA), I extend our thoughts and prayers to the people of Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Harvey has been a catastrophe on a scale that many people would never have imagined. To all my fellow students from Texas and Louisiana or those with connections in those areas, stay strong. Most of us, myself included, might not be able to imagine exactly how it feels but I have an inkling of it. When the earthquake and tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004, many of my relatives there were gravely affected. Fortunately, there was nothing fatal. I wish I were joking when I say that my dad was in Indonesia just a week before it happened. It is with that experience in mind that I hope you will stay strong and believe that things will get better. They truly will.


At times like this, we should all recognize our good fortune and be immensely grateful to be able to focus on issues that we want to focus on. More importantly, help those in need in whatever way can. The FIT SGA is currently in the midst of finding a way for the FIT student body to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We will update the FIT community as soon as we have our plan. Till then, if anyone would like to suggest ideas or simply need a listening ear, please feel free to drop by the FIT SGA office in the David Dubinsky Student Center, Room A724.


The FIT SGA will always be here for all FIT students, in good times or bad.




Be safe and stay strong,

Welcome Letter by the President, FITSGA 2017-18

To my fellow students at FIT,

During this year’s Student Government Association elections, there were nearly triple the number of voters as compared to last year, with a total of 406 students that voted. I would like to first extend my sincere appreciation to those of you who took the time to vote and help shape your campus life for the coming year.

With that said, it is my honor to be elected to serve all of you as the President of the FIT SGA for the 2017-18 year. FIT has provided me with incredible opportunities throughout my time here. One of the main reasons I decided to run for President was because I wanted to give back to FIT after all that this school has done for me. I want to help motivate more students to fully utilize all the opportunities that FIT already has and then to help develop even more opportunities that the student body desires. I believe it is important to state that I acknowledge and am aware of how some students, some of whom are my friends that support me, feel that FIT and/or the SGA have many areas that need improvement. I hear you and I understand why some of you feel this way. I can’t and shouldn’t promise you that I can do everything that you ask for and meet your every demand. As much as I would like for it to be the case, providing unlimited scholarships for all students, booking Beyoncé for a concert and having Gordon Ramsay cook in the dining hall are not likely to happen. All jokes aside, even with the best planning and preparation, life can sometimes just hand you that surprise “L” and you just have to take it. I’m pretty sure most of us can relate to that feeling on some level.

What I can and will promise is that the SGA will be more easily accessible to all students and that there will be multiple avenues for communication. The entirety of the SGA is here to serve and represent all 10,000 students of FIT. We are nothing without your support. As such, to all my fellow students at FIT, I would like to sincerely request for all of you to truly communicate with the SGA for the 2017-18 year.

Help me, help you. Work with me, work with my board. Believe in me, believe in us. Believe in FIT.

We can be the change we want to see!

Stay fresh,

Sonne Bajwa
President, 2017-18
FIT Student Government Association