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FIT Student Government Association

FIT Student Government Association

FIT Student Government Association

FIT Student Government Association



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The 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Hello Students:

Here is our Board of Directors. You can find more about them in the About section.

President: Sonne Bajwa
Vice President: Joanna Mingo
Secretary: Hannah Lo
Director of Communications: Natalie Ho
Director of Finance: Saravine Naitingale
Director of Programming: Paul Wederski
Director of Student Advocacy: Molly Dunbar
Director of Student Organizations: Marty Sullivan II
Director of Sustainability: Ishani Shah

The Voice of 10,000 — A Letter from President Joyce F. Brown

One of the three goals in FIT’s strategic plan is to provide what we call an “empowering student experience in a cohesive community.” What could be more “empowering” to you, our students, than to give you a voice in the governance of the college—a voice that represents you to the faculty, administration, staff, and to the board of trustees. That voice is the FIT Student Association, the FIT student government. Our student government is here to serve you, to listen to you, to act as your representative and advocate. Through your association president, you have a voting seat on the college’s board of trustees. And your reach goes beyond this campus: it goes to City Hall, to the legislators in Albany and to our representatives in Washington as well.

You can be part of this exciting enterprise by participating in the work of the student association—attending meetings, joining committees, voting for its officers.   And I hope you do. Through the student association, you will have heightened opportunity to engage with FIT’s wide diversity of students and become acquainted with their needs and desires. You will develop your leadership skills. You will have a say in the extra-curricular programs and activities on campus, and, as our strategic plan states, you will be able to “create FIT traditions that generate a strong sense of community and school spirit.”

But there is more.   Through your participation in the FIT student association, you will be preparing—hands-on—for lives of civic responsibility. Indeed, you will be preparing to take on the role of “citizen”—perhaps the most important in our democracy. And in doing so, you will be fulfilling what I believe is one of the highest goals of all education: learning to serve the public good. This is your opportunity; I hope you will take full advantage of it.

Dr. Joyce F. Brown

The High Five Campaign

High Five logo

Lets bring larger scaled events to FIT ‘s campus!

Hello FIT Students,

As we all know, every full-time student enrolled in FIT pays a $60 student activities fee. Additionally, part-time students pay a $5 per credit fee. This fee supports campus involvement and engagement, and is used to fund campus events, organizations, publications and more. However, the core of this funding goes to events, which can vary in price depending on a number of things. An example is last semester’s comedy show with MTV’s hit series, Girl Code; the event seated 700 students and cost thousands of dollars. read more…