Welcome to FIT

Greetings from the FIT Student Association!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to another semester at FIT.  For those who are returning, it’s good to have you back; for those who are entering, you’ve made an excellent decision. Welcome to your new home! While enrolled, know that you have the power to shape what we call your FIT experience. To that end, I encourage you to become an active member of our school’s community. We have over 70 clubs and 3 professional grade publications that you can choose from. Additionally, we have several sports teams from dance to soccer. For those more interested in politics, share you opinions at a council meeting or town hall; even run for an elected position. Whatever your interest, we have an outlet that speaks it, make your time at FIT mean more than earning your respected degrees. Earn life experience, earn friendships, and earn your community, experience all that FIT has to offer and leave a legacy to be proud of.

In closing, the FIT Student Association exists to address the needs of the student body, whether it be a serious issue or a suggestion on an event to host, we are excited to serve as your voice. Please use our new website to familiarize yourself with us, and our mission.

Christopher T. Wallace
President of the FIT Student Association
& Student Trustee on the FIT Board of Trustees