What is a Student Government?

Any colleges Student Government is a body of students that is appointed and/or elected by the student body at large by way of campus wide voting. It is a group of students who are passionate about bringing forth the needs of the student body and ensuring positive change amongst the campus community.

What We Do

Working as your voice on campus, the FIT Student Government Association, along with its 70+ clubs and organizations, and three publications, take pride in organizing great opportunities on-and off-campus that enhance the student body’s FIT experience. We are here to advocate for your concerns and serve as the voice of 10,000. What does that mean? That means we serve as the liaison to FIT Administrators, Faculty and Staff to ensure you’re voices are being heard.

Our Mission

The mission of the FIT Student Government Association is to serve, empower, and unify the FIT student body. This mission shall be met through student advocacy and innovative programming that supports and shapes the FIT experience.