Menstrual Products Pilot Survey

Following Governor Cuomo’s recent proposal that requires the NYC school district to provide free menstrual hygiene products in restrooms for girls in grades 6 through 12, I would like to bring that initiative over to FIT. Joining in support of “menstrual equity,” the goal is to have free, accessible menstrual products in the female and gender-neutral restrooms on campus. Currently on our campus, we have to pay a quarter for these products and in addition to that, some of the dispensers do not work.

Nowadays, you can start seeing a shift in how people are approaching menstrual care and how we are removing the stigma behind the cycle. Universities such as Emory University, Harvard University, University of South Florida, Colgate University, Brown University, and so many more have started to provide free menstrual products in the female bathrooms. Brown University was the first university to stock all female, male, and gender-neutral bathrooms, covering all demographics on campus. Amongst the SUNY system, campuses such as Stony Brook University, the College of Environmental Science and Forestry, SUNY Plattsburgh, and SUNY Oswego have implemented their own program on their campuses.

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– Natalie Ho, President of the FIT Student Government Association