Letter from President Joyce F. Brown

One of the three goals in FIT’s strategic plan is to provide what we call an “empowering student experience in a cohesive community.” What could be more “empowering” to students than to give them a voice in the governance of the college—a voice that represents them to the faculty, administration, staff, and to the board of trustees. At FIT, that voice is the FIT Student Association, the FIT student government. FIT has 10,000 full and part-time students and its student government was created to serve them, to listen to them, to act as their representative and advocate. Through their association president, they have a voting seat on the college’s board of trustees. And their reach goes beyond this campus: it goes to City Hall, to the legislators in Albany and to our representatives in Washington as well.

We encourage our students to participate in the work of the student association by attending meetings, joining committees and voting for its officers. It is through the student association, they gain heightened opportunity to engage with FIT’s wide diversity of students and become acquainted with their needs and desires. They develop leadership skills. They have a say in the extra-curricular programs and activities on campus, and, as our strategic plan states, have the opportunity to “create FIT traditions that generate a strong sense of community and school spirit.”

But there is more.   Through their participation in the FIT student association, they will be preparing—hands-on—for lives of civic responsibility. Indeed, they will be preparing to take on the role of “citizen”—perhaps the most important in our democracy. And in doing so, they will be fulfilling what I believe is one of the highest goals of all education: learning to serve the public good.

Dr. Joyce F. Brown
President, the Fashion Institute of Technology

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